The services provided by this sub office are as follows.

  • Census of temples and shrines and lands belonging to the Temples and Shrines Ordinance in the Kurunegala District.
  • Awareness of the trustees of temples and shrines belonging to the Temples and Shrines Ordinance.
  • Obtaining semi-annual budget and estimated budget estimates.
  • Taking action to prepare asset records of places of worship governed under Section 4-1.
  • Leasing of lands belonging to temples.
  • Granting approval for felling of trees in places of worship.
  • Carrying out activities related to temple disputes.
  • Carrying out necessary duties related to the property of deceased monks. Releasing money from bank accounts.
  • Release for cash development activities in the Department of Trustees.
  • Issuing novice upasampada certificates.
  • Granting approval for business activities carried out on temple lands.
  • Granting approval to obtain temple lands for government development activities.
  • Participate in and support Dhamma school festivals and other religious occasions.