Background of the Department

The Department of Buddhist Affairs,whilist carrying out a large number of relevant projects mainly for the stabilization of the Buddhasasana and for maintaining a virtuous Buddhist society provides neccessary administrative support for utilizing Buddhist temples and propeties solely for the sustenance of the Buddhasasana,for development of temples,improvement of Dhamma school education and for maintaining of registers after the registration of all Samanera/Upasampada Bhikkus in the island,which are responsibilities entrusted to the Commissioner General of Buddhist Affairs by the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance No.19 of 1931.

In order to carry out these activities successfully, the Department of Buddhist Affairs has the divisions and the relevant duties have been entrusted to them.

Regional Offices have been established and maintained at Kandy and Ratnapura for the convenience of Bhikkus in faraway areas to attend to matters relevant to the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance.