Dhamma School

Registration of Dhamma Schools

Dhamma schools are immensely helpful for the development of moral values of children. All Dhamma schools which have been started with this objective, are being registered in the Department of Buddhist Affairs. After the registration,

details are being obtained annually for providing materials such as text books, registers etc. which are essential for maintaining Dhamma School

Conducting Dhamma schools grading examinations

This examination is being held to test the Dhamma knowledge of children studying in Dhamma schools.

Collection and maintenance of information on Dhamma School teachers and students.

The  spatistices of teachers and students studying in Dhamma Schools throughout the Island are being maintained through this programe. From information related to Dhamma School teachers and students, it gives the opportunity to plan their future activities. 

Providing Teachers allowances, uniforms to Dhamma school teachers

Dhamma School Teachers Certificate Examination

It is expected to achieve the following objectives by conducting this examination.

  • Enhancing the educational qualifications of Dhamma school teachers who are now in service.
  • Appreciating the services of teachers who are engaged in teaching activities in Dhamma schools.
  • Further developing the knowledge of Dhamma school teachers and motivating them for higher education.
  • Creating social recognition for Dhamma school teachers and thereby

          make their services for the appreciation of the people

Printing of Dhamma School text books

With the objective of improving Dhamma school education, which is very essential for the creation of a virtuous society, printing and distribution of Dhamma school text books are being carried out by this Department.

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