Development & Progress Control

Improving Sil Maatha Educational Institutes.

Purchasing of books with the objective of improving the Dhamma knowledge of Sil Mathas in Sri lanka has completed and action is being taken to commence courses after recruiting visiting lecturers for educational institutions at Kelaniya, Anuradhapura and Mulatiyana .Further, according to Cabinet decision dated 02.01.2018 granting of provisions amounting to Rs. Mn.15 have been approved for the improvement of educational institution of Dasa Sil Mathaas .

Sil Mathaas Training Institution,Eeriyawatiya , Kelaniya

This Training institute which was constructed with the objective  of enhancing language skills of Sil Mathas , it is expected to appear for Pracheena Examinations conducted by the Department of Examinations after studying the Eastern  languages such as Sinhala , Pali and Sanskrit.It has been decided to conduct this as a Four Year Course . Further it has been decided to conduct necessary courses to teach languages such as English, Tamil and Chinese. As the construction of the institution has been completed it is expected to open it in the future. There is the facility for residential courses and residential facilities could be provided for 30 Sil Mathaas simultaneously.

Sil Mathas Training Institution,Mulatiyana.

Provision were allocated for utility facilities, lecture fees and maintenance expenses of Sil Mathas

Registration of Sil Mathas and issuing Identity Cards

Issuing of Identity Cards for Sil Mathas and registration of Sil Mathas is being done by the Department of Buddhist Affairs and the No. of Sil Mathas registers in this Department.

National Sil Matha Association

Under this, meetings of the Natonal Sil Mathas Association and District Sil Mathas metting are being conducted and expenses for organizing such meetings and providing traveling expenses and providing alms to Sil Mathas participating for the meetings are met by the Department. During the year 2019, 02 All Ceylon Sri Lanka meetings of the National Sil Mthas Association and 03 Executive Committee were held. Necessary financial provisions and travelling expenses have been provided for District Sil Matha Association metting

Sil Mathas Training Program

In Conjuction with the Vesak Festival three Training Programs for Sil Mathas of Galle District were conducted. Three programs were conducted, one program was conducted in the month of May and a Program each was conducted in the month of June and in the month of July.A two- day program was conducted covering the Rathnapura District for 60 Sil Mathas. A two – day Training program for 80 was conducted Sil Mathas was conducted covering Badulla and Monaragala Districts of Uva Province.

Providing facilities for Dhamma schools

Assistance for Dhamma school buildings and equipment