The services provided by this sub office are as follows.

  • Elections for the appointment of Diyawadana Nilame and Basnayake Nilames for the Temple of the Tooth, Satara Maha Devalaya and the rural Devalaya.
  • Appointing trustees for the temples and shrines under their control.
  • Deposit and release of trust bail.
  • Handing over the property of the shrines to the trustees.
  • Leasing of lands belonging to temples.
  • Maintaining documents on the acquisition of genetic rights.
  • Receipt of annual accounts, inspection, release of funds.
    Carrying out matters related to temple disputes.
  • Assisting in Sri Dalada Perahera and Upasampada activities.
  • Attending and assisting in Dhamma school ceremonies and other religious occasions.