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1.Registration of Temples in Department of Buddhist Affairs -

  1. Download(Application 1)
  2. Download(Application 2)

2.Registration of Dahampasal in Department of Buddhist Affairs -Download

3.Appliation for Dhamma School Teacher Id - Download

4.Tax Application for Temple Properties (Land/Home/Shops) - Download

5. Paticulars of lands to be leased - Download

6. Constitution of the Dasasilmatha Arama Dayaka saba - Download

7.Application of Registration Dasasil Matha Arama dayakasaba - Download

8.Instruction to fill application form of temple register - Download

9. Constitution of Temple Dayaka Saba - Download

10.Application of Registration Temple Dayaka saba -Download

11. Application of Registration Sasanaraksaka Balamandala -Download